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  • Print on fabric

    Textile printing attracted strong attention and is often associated with unconventional format printing. Moreover, J Point is one of the few printing houses in the country that offers a large area for textile printing - up to three meters, while most printing machines are up to 1.6 meters, which is almost twice less.

    MTEX 5032 PRO

    • Maximum width: 3.20 meters;
    • Resolution: 1440 dpi;

    Printing on:

    • eco flag
      eco display
      backlit textiles
    • other fabrics



  • Prepress and design

    At J Point, we use a variety of design software – products of Adove and Corel. We offer services as vectoring images, corporate logo or banners design. We also give you the opportunity to see how would your design look before the print of your project.

    Before any image is sent for printing, the files that you sent to us will pass additional overview, so we could advise you if any corrections are needed.

    When images are sent with small resolution, here – at J Point – we are not responsible for the quality of the ready print.

  • Print on glass and SAFETY GLASS

    Printing on glass is widely used not only in advertising, but also in interior design.

    direct printing on glass / see printing on boards /
    printing on SAFETY GLASS.

    The service is offered for the first time in Bulgaria by J Point. Besides image quality in printing, glass offers durable life of vision, regardless of what the weather is subjected.


    Advantages of the SAFETY GLASS printing are: High resistant to temperature influence, sun light and moisture; Additional strength; No need of framing in order to preserve the glass boarders; The back of the glass is stable enough, so it can be directly sealed to the wall; No imperfection


    Applications: splash backs, stained glass windows, split pictures, ceilings, glass doors, shower cabins, wardrobe doors, windows, table tops, kitchen islands.

    The service is focused mainly on end users, but also on glass shops, interior and architecture studios.



  • Print on boards


    The technology for printing on a variety of smooth surfaces (boards) has a wide range of applications. With the help of modern printers it is possible even printing on metal and wood boards, leather, glass and others.


    Printers for printing on boards, which J Point has are: 'Domin8tor', Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600, Océ Arizona 350 GT. They are used in printing of corrugated cardboard, plexiglass, comatex, foam cardboard, etalbond, polystyrene, polycarbonate, veralit, leather, glass. Some of them are suitable for printing on flexible or self-adhesive PVC, vinyl, paper, PE, PETG, thin aluminum.




    The dimensions of the materials vary according to the type of machine, as our largest print size panels is 2m x 3.05m with photorealistic quality.




    Our team of professionals will offer the optimal solution for your order.




  • Solvent printing

    Solvent printing technologies - Storm Jet and Jeti - Widely used in wide format digital printing. They work with ink composed of pigment dyes. This is the most common printing technology of materials suitable for outdoor advertising.
    High resistance to external conditions!
    Solvent inks have a 100% resistance to weathering, including UV radiation; no needed additional protection of the press.
    Suitable for printing of Billboards, Megaboard, Vinyl mesh, Perforated foil, Cast (vechical) foil.



  • UV roll printing

    Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600 is a new generation printer, that has a high printing speed (20m² / h) using 8 UV inks (including printing of white color), and an option to print on a transparent PVC film by applying a partial UV varnish.

    Partial UV varnish gloss is used primarily for decorative purposes to certain details such as an enhanced effect on the advertising material.

    This technology is suitable for printing on backlit, flexible and self-adhesive PVC, vinyl, paper, PE, PETG and thin aluminum. The maximum print resolution is up to 1200 x 1200 dpi., and the maximum print width is 1620 mm.



  • Latex printing

    The main advantage of latex inks is the lack of unpleasant smell. Based on water, they do not smell during and after printing. This makes the technology extremely suitable for all interior applications and it is preferred for wallpaper and textile printing.

    The HP Latex 370 Six-color Latex Printer offers photorealistic quality at high print speeds and improved print resistance. During printing, the machine injects a special primer (HP Latex Optimizer), which greatly improves the adhesion of inks to the media.

    Very high resistance to atmospheric influences and mechanical damage is achieved. And thanks to a built-in spectrophotometer, continuous color control is guaranteed during the printing process.

    The production time is further optimized. The printed product is ready for lamination, calendering or installation immediately after printing. The machine also works with 3-liter ink cartridges, allowing ink to be changed during printing without interruption of the process.

  • Laser cutting and engraving

    We offer laser cutting and engraving on a wide range of advertising materials. We can produce different Plexiglas products for you.


    • Table format: 1.90×1 m
    • Power: 150 W
    • Resolution: 4000 dpi


    • Plexiglas
    • Verlyt
    • Paper
    • Evapren
    • Wood
    • Polystyrol
    • Leather
    • Fabric, etc.
  • Contour cutting and formatting


    J Point has a multifunctional cutting system which operates with various cutters and knives.

    Professional solution for formatting, creasing and precise cutting in a complex circuit of hard, soft and flexible material. Possibility of engraving and milling. This machine is used in the preparation of corrugated racks; boxes and packaging; volume signs, signs. 

    Acceleration sensor workflow automation and the ability to change the parameters of cutting during printing, turn this machine into preferred for finishing.

    1. Format the hard, soft and flexible material;

    2. Precision cutting a complex circuit of hard, soft and flexible material;

    3. Classic plotter for cutting PVC materials;

    4. Creasing



  • Laminating and cardboard backing


    When it comes to large format printing, commonly there are concerns about its outdoor durability. To meet your company’s needs of outdoor advertising, J Point offers lamination of promotional materials to preserve the imprinted image thereupon.

    Clients should not be concerned any more about the impact of sun and high temperatures, harmful effects of UV rays, snow and winter, rain and other adverse weather effects on your outdoor advertising sites. Our wide range of lamination services will guarantee that in the long run your advertising materials will preserve their bright colours, remain durable and intact from adverse weather.

    Our experts offer different types of lamination, according to the specific purpose.

    We offer Cold Laminate. It is commonly used when extensibility and flexibility is required during installation or for reuse of promotional products. It is an excellent solution for branding of vehicles, placement of stickers on shop-fronts and retail shelves, as well as any other sites of oval, curved or generally irregular shapes.

    We also offer Hot Laminate. It is a thin protective film imprinted by heating at high temperature. It is stretchy, but sufficiently reliable and well applicable on different planes, as well as on straight or smooth surfaces.

    You can always contact our professionals at the details on our website and ask for advice and assistance in the selection of laminates.

    Cardboard backing

    Cardboard backing is a polygraphic term (originally from French), which literally means sticking or overlaying with paper. In this technology, pre-printed cardboard is reinforced by overlaying with corrugated paper or other material. Most often stacking is used to solidify packages, which should withstand the load of heavier goods. In many cases, however, stacking finds additional applications for a variety of purposes, such as placing a solid mat for photographs, digitally printed images, various boards, signs, cards, etc.

    The printing house J Point offers stacking of mainly self-adhesive foil on comatex, Plexiglas, cardboard. If you have any specific requirements or you are not sure whether your print materials need stacking, you are welcome to contact our experts for advice. You can contact us through the menu “Contacts” or find us at the following addresses.



  • Setting up

    Besides visualization of your ideas printing on a variety of media and finishing operations, J Point care about proper installation of your materials.


    Our team of professionals will listen to your ideas and will offer alternatives and advices at every stage of the process of production, branding and setting up.


    The types of installation: altitude installations, overall branding of sites, branding showcases, branding vehicles, hanging signs and posters, placement of stickers and marking signs, making volume light boxes and signs

  • Tailoring services


    We perform all kinds of additional stitching operations to add strength and finish of each article:


    • Stitching – standard and enhanced;
    • Overlock;
    • Stitching of lace;
    • Stitching of velcro tape.