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The Fabric Banner Frame offers elegant branding solutions for just about any environment, including retail outlets, corporate offices and exhibitions or even around the home.

Fabric Banner Frame is available in single and double sided, as well as a wall-mounted option with Backlighting or without. Once the framework is constructed and mounted, graphic replacement is easy. Custom sizes available in any rectangular form, as well as frame color choices.

The frame is made from high quality anodized aluminum surface. The fabric is finished with special silicone rubber and inserted into the extrusion channel for a clean and evenly tensioned fit.

Types of profiles: single slim, single, double sided, double sided with backlighting.

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Useful information

File formats: tiff, eps, cdr (text only in curves! ver. 15), ai(text only in curves! Ver cs3, Embedded images!), pdf (text only in curves!)

Color space: CMYK, 8bit For tiff: Mandatory!: Flattened image LZW compression resolution - up to 300 dpi (only for small images).

For images in dimensions 100x200 cm p.e. - no more than 150 dpi (This applies for M 1:1 - not scaled images) No alpha channels!

For vector formats: Color space: CMYK (no pantone, no spots, except white and/or varnish. The white must not be CMYK), 8 bit/channel All text in outlines/curves No overprints especially on white! Cropped images, or exported with artboards. If cutting with contour it must be on separate layer ("Cut" per example)