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Textile printing attracted strong attention and is often associated with unconventional format printing.

Moreover, J Point is one of the few printing houses in the country that offers a large area for textile printing - up to three meters, while most printing machines are up to 1.6 meters, which is almost twice less

Fabric types:

eco Display

Backlightex (for backlighting)


Double-sided flag



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Useful information

File formats: tiff, eps, cdr (text only in curves! ver. 15), ai(text only in curves! Ver cs3, Embedded images!), pdf (text only in curves!)

Color space: CMYK, 8bit For tiff: Mandatory!: Flattened image LZW compression resolution - up to 300 dpi (only for small images).

For images in dimensions 100x200 cm p.e. - no more than 150 dpi (This applies for M 1:1 - not scaled images) No alpha channels!

For vector formats: Color space: CMYK (no pantone, no spots, except white and/or varnish. The white must not be CMYK), 8 bit/channel All text in outlines/curves No overprints especially on white! Cropped images, or exported with artboards. If cutting with contour it must be on separate layer ("Cut" per example)