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We offer high quality prints on fabrics - reliable for outdoor conditions. You can contact our Sales team for more information regarding the construction of your banners or flags. Flags with your logo, advertising messages, flags is a necessary part of the exterior of any business.

Flags and banners are usualy used - in front of business buildings, gas stations, hotels and resorts, restaurants, entrances institutions, street poles for advertising, concerts and so on.

The print is resistant to external conditions. Applicable for printing on polyester materials such as eco-flag, eco-satine and others.

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Useful information

File formats: tiff, eps, cdr (text only in curves! ver. 15), ai(text only in curves! Ver cs3, Embedded images!), pdf (text only in curves!)

Color space: CMYK, 8bit For tiff: Mandatory!: Flattened image LZW compression resolution - up to 300 dpi (only for small images).

For images in dimensions 100x200 cm p.e. - no more than 150 dpi (This applies for M 1:1 - not scaled images) No alpha channels!

For vector formats: Color space: CMYK (no pantone, no spots, except white and/or varnish. The white must not be CMYK), 8 bit/channel All text in outlines/curves No overprints especially on white! Cropped images, or exported with artboards. If cutting with contour it must be on separate layer ("Cut" per example)