Here you can learn all about our printing and post-printing solutions through which we prepare, manufacture and deliver your standard and custom print applications, featuring high-quality materials, exceptional color vividness and additional special effects.

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  • Digital printing

    J Point Plus' three HP Indigo Digital Presses provide excellent print quality with options for 7-color printing. The printers are compatible with wide range of media with high productivity - supports more than 3,000 certified media (papers and cardboards with different texture and density, metallic foils, canvas, sticker papers, PVC materials). The technology implemented by HP Indigo Digital Presses enhances the digital offset printing process and guarantees printing of highest quality. With HP Adaptive Half-toning technology, they provide super fine and precise printing, suitable for the production of advertising materials in small and medium runs.


    HP Indigo 10r Digital Press




    • Image resolution: 812 and 1219 dpi at 8 bit, addressability: 2438 X 2438 dpi HDI (High Definition Imaging)
    • Sheet size: 530 x 750 mm max
    • Image size: 510 x 740 mm max
    • Special effect inks: UV red, light cyan, light magenta, white, digital matte
    • Mode HP IndiChrome off press (IMS): achieving up to 97% of the PANTONE® color range
    • Thick substrate kit: up to 460 microns


    HP Indigo 5600 & HP Indigo 3550 Digital Presses 



    • Image resolution: 812 and 1219 dpi at 8 bit, addressability: 2438 X 2438 dpi HDI (High Definition Imaging), 812 x 1624 dpi HDI (for HP indigo 3550)
    • Sheet size: 330 x 482 mm max
    • Image size: 317 x 450 mm max
    • Colors: 7-color printing in HP IndiChrome mode (CMYK + orange, violet, white)
    • Special effect inks: UV red, light cyan, light magenta, white, digital matte
    • Mode HP IndiChrome off press (IMS): achieving up to 97% of the PANTONE® color range
    • Thick substrate kit: up to 460 microns
    • One Shot process kit: allows printing on PVC and synthetic media using the technology HP Indigo One Shot Color
  • Offset printing


    Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74


    The four-color sheet offset printer Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 meets the increasing demands of clients with its extended range of standard features. Speedmaster enables J Point Plus to deliver high print quality and reliability in a broad range of media – up to 530 x 740 mm. 

    • Excellent print quality
    • Suitable for medium and long runs
    • Offers wider range of substrates - from lightweight paper to board
    • Media format 530 x 740 mm with up to 0.6 mm thickness
    • Production speed up to 15,000 sheets/h
    • 4-color printing and print feature with Pantone® colors
  • Digital offset printing

    Screen Truepress 344


    J Point Plus' Truepress 344 operates with standard media and inks and the print quality is entirely comparable to the offset printing. Its use of traditional printing methods provides the superior quality of wet offset printing, and its high-speed output enables high productivity, making it flexible enough to meet a wide variety of customer needs. It also has the ability for printing with gold and silver bronze, and over-printing varnish. Truepress 344 is suitable for middle-printout printing within short terms and with competitive prices.


    Technical specifications:

    • Media format: 90 x 148 mm, 340 x 470 mm
    • Printable area: 330 х 450 mm
    • Colors: 4 colors; ability for Pantone® colors printing
    • Ability for printing with gold and silver bronze, over-printing varnish
    • Resolution: 2400 dpi
    • Print speed: up to 7 000 sheets/h
  • Special effects


    At J Point Plus we achieve the oustanding appearance of our print applications by applying additional special effects that we put on your logo, text or another in-design element. These special effects provide a more luxurious, stylish and finished look to every print product. Moreover, the combination of two or more effects unlocks more exceptional and creative print solutions. The special effects, that you can choose from, are:


    Read more about our Special effects here.

  • Laser cutting, engraving and perforation


    digiCut - a digital laser system for cutting, engraving and perforation of print materials

    • digiCut is able to cut, engrave and (micro)perforate complex contours and designs, ultra-fast and with extreme precision. digiCut's capabilities add a whole new dimension to your print applications.
    • digiCut allows cutting, kiss cutting, engraving, creasing and perforating simultaneously
    • digiCut is able to personalize /cut/ names or any other personalized data directly from printed materials or packaging and reach people in a very personal and emotional way
    • Ability to produce single copies /samples/ instantly 
    • Wide range of applicable media up to 580mm for various print applications - greeting cards, invitations, business cards, brochures, catalogs, POS materials, boxes and packages, flyers, etc.

    More about digiCut here!

  • Finishing services


    In addition to J Point Plus' print solutions, we offer a full range of manual and automated finishing services for completed print applications: 

    • Creasing and folding
    • Staple binding
    • Cutting - automatic high-speed cutting with fine precision
    • Collating and thermal binding – automatic conveyor with cutter positioning, while cover is fed and creased automatically
    • Cardboard backing and binding – double-sided backing on cardboard, corrugated cardboard and foam board, book binding
    • Placing strips and caps – plastic and metal, in various colors
    • Perforation – standard perforation and punches with various diameters
    • Hard covers - production of hard covers for books, catalogs, notebooks, etc.
    • Foiling – for individual foiling of every single product
    • Manual finishing services – double-sided tape and astrolon on wobblers, insertion and assembly of complete package products, coating with bone-glue, and other


  • Lamination


    The lamination of print applications gives them an extra solidity, glamour and style, while at the same time protects them from scratches and breaking. At J Point Plus we have automatic laminating machine for hot lamination and lamination with board. The lamination can be performed with matte, gloss, velvet or metallic foils, with different thickness and texture, which provides an extra sense of touch of the printed product.

  • Cutting and punching


    Cutting and punching are carried out after the printing process and provide complete and unconventional form and size of all kind of print applications. J Point Plus has two guillotine cutters allowing programmable cutting of print products in all possible formats at highest speed and precision. The punching on the other hand is a process in which paper, cardboard, plastic or other material is cut into irregular and complicated forms by simply using matrix embedded with sharp steel knives and creases, and apress, providing pressure. 

  • Personalization


    The print materials' personalization allows each piece of the circulation to be printed with individual text, logo, image or other variable data. J Point Plus personalizes business cards, badges, scratch cards, promotional cards, certificates, cards, invitations and other print applications on request, requiring printing of considerable variable information - name, photo, date, number, barcode, signature field, etc. The entire process is automatic. The database has to be filed by customer beforehand.

  • Prepress

    The prepress specialists of J Point Plus will carry out all necessary checks for irregularities and inconsistencies in customer's files and, if specifically required by the customer, will make the necessary corrections before printing - sizes, bleeds, color profiles, design, etc. Before sending files to us, please read carefully our file submission requirements in the Information section (i) of each product page.

  • Color proof


    On client's request we offer color proof for approval. It is a sample of the actual substrate to be printed using the inks that will be printed, pulled from the press prior to the actual printing of the job as a means of checking the color balance, registration, and other aspects of the job which may need to be corrected prior to printing. It is implemented in a full-color version, also separated by color channels, or in combination of two or more different colors. This way J Point Plus ensures the correct color reproduction on your print applications.

  • Packaging and transportation

    We carefully package all print products that comes out of our production, using a protective film and/or packing boxes so that you get them in perfect condition when they arrive. Also, on customer's explicit request, we offer product transportation within the region of Sofia city in order to save your time.