Here you can learn all about our printing and post-printing solutions through which we prepare, manufacture and deliver your standard and custom PVC cards, featuring high-quality PVC material and exceptional color vividness. Additionally, we can make every PVC card a truly impressive accessory that your customers will keep for a long time. Our printing and finishing technologies allow us to enrich PVC cards' material with various special effects that give them a more stylish and luxurious look and further provoke the senses visually, in touch or smell.

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  • Digital printing HP Indigo 5600

    HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press



    J Point Cards uses HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press which delivers unmatched digital offset and photo quality with high versatility and productivity. Seamlessly switching between jobs and media types, the press enhances the digital offset printing process and guarantees top quality printing and excellent color rendering on wide range of media (compatibility with more than 2,500 certified substrates). The HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press supports high-value specialty applications printed on synthetics substrates (PVC) using HP Indigo’s unique One Shot Color printing mode.

    • Image resolution: 812 and 1219 dpi at 8 bit, addressability: 2438 X 2438 dpi HDI
    • Sheet size: 330 x 482 mm (image size: 317 x 450 mm)
    • Colors: CMYK and HP IndiChrome 7-color mode (CMYK + Orange, Violet and White), PANTONE® (HP IndiChrome off press mode (IMS) achieving up to 97% of the PANTONE® color range)
    • Special inks: UV red, light cyan, light magenta, white, digital matte
    • Substrate thickness: up to 460 microns
  • Magnetic stripes and contactless chips


    The smart cards we produce use magnetic stripes, embedded integrated circuits (ICC) or re-writable contactless RFID microchips that communicate with a terminal via radio waves (most commonly EM 4200, 125 KHz). Magnetic stripes on the other hand are LoCo - featuring a shorter life of information exchange, and HiCo – offering higher quality and durability. Here is how it actually works - when a smart card contacts a reading device, integrated into a door lock, terminal or other peripheral device, both ends exchange pre-written information. Another positive thing is that the access control system allows each card to be re-written and recorded multiple times with a various data and, in case of card loss, it can be easily blocked or erased. All this gives you wide possibilities to monitor, control, store and analyse movement, working schedules, shopping habits, etc. Read more about J Point Cards' magnetic stripes here.



  • Personalization


    The personalization is essential part of the PVC card. It is not just labeling it with the cardholder's name, but also printing photo, number, date or else, and also recording variable data on magnetic stripes and contactless chips. J Point Cards offers several types of cards personalization:


    Number personalization – It is widely used in customer cards issued by retail stores for various types of discounts, marketing campaigns, sales programs and analysis of shopping patterns.


    Image personalization – commonly used for ID and access cards for public transport, student cards, etc. The digital printing technologies of J Point Cards allow excellent photo-quality printing.


    Other variable data – additionally you can add a barcode, address, date or other details subject to modification. Each card can contain different and unique fingerprints of its own.


    Embossing – normally this is the way of writing card's number or cardholder's name. The embossing can be made in different colors – most popular are silver and gold.


    Read more here.


  • Punching and perforation


    The PVC cards have standard size 54 mm x 86 mm with rounded angles, but we at J Point Cards can punch them in various irregular shapes, curves and sizes, depending on your project and design. Also PVC badges and keytags are usually perforated for attaching them with holders and lanyards. Of course we will advise you throughout the entire process of design and prepress, so that we achieve exactly what is expected.


  • Embossing


    Embossing is usually for displaying cardholder’s name, card’s number or other text. At J Point Cards we can perform it in diferent color – most popular are silver and gold. Read more here.



  • Scodix™ enhancements


    Scodix Ultra Pro™ is ultra-fast and precise technology for digital enhancement of PVC cards and other print applications. Scodix’s proprietary UV cured Scodix PolySENSE™ technology provides flawless spot coating and stampless embossing for instantly ready-to-use prints. 

    • Variable data capabilities
    • One-side and two-sided printing
    • For instant and flawless print solutions - no need for screen printing plates
    • No limits for minimum order quantities - possibility for production of single copies/samples


    7 special Scodix™ effects for extraordinary PVC cards:

    • Scodix Spot&Sense™ - application of selective embossed UV varnish with possibility for digital adjustment of density and embossing
    • Scodix Foil™ - application of colored foils (gold, silver, red, blue gren, hologram and other) onto the print media (PVC material)
    • Scodix Metallic™ - allows users to enhance PVC cards with metallic coloring by simply utilizing the CMYK color process of Scodix SENSE
    • Scodix Braille™ - designed to provide a better quality of life for blind and visually impaired people around the world
    • Scodix Variable™ - accentuates the impact of digital enhancement with personalized and individualized text and graphics
    • Scodix Cast&Cure™ - creates a high-impact 3D holographic effect, bringing a whole new dimension to the PVC cards
    • Scodix Crystal™ - creates a true 3D dimensional effect by applying a multi-layer, receding pyramid-like build-up of polymer to printed projects

  • Scodix foil


    Scodix Ultra Pro™ is ultra-fast and precise technology for digital enhancement of PVC cards. It applies digital UV varnish and metallic foils onto the PVC surface, resulting in sensational liquid metal effect, which has more embossed and liquid structure compared to the traditional hot stamping.

    • Various colored foils – gold, silver, red, blue, hologram and other
    • Possibility for combined application of different foils in a single pass
    • The Scodix patent-pending camera system executes enhancement with pinpoint accuracy, scanning every sheet to deliver the polymer to its exact location.
    • Variable data capabilities
    • One-side and two-sided printing
    • For instant and flawless print solutions - no need for screen printing plates
    • No limits for minimum order quantities - possibility for production of single copies/samples


  • Scodix varnish


    Touching the senses with print that stands out in a form never seen before in the world of printing, the Scodix Ultra Pro press is a digital enhancement press that brings a new, high-quality look and tangible dimension to printed graphic communications. Delivering an unmatched range of enhancement, the press applies Scodix PolySENSE™ Polymer onto selected areas of the printed image, allowing for easy single or dual-sided applications. The Scodix SENSE™ experience is produced through the unique digital print enhancement capabilities of the Scodix Ultra Pro:

    • 99 Gloss Units (GU): The highest gloss available for printed materials including PVC cards
    • Polymer height of up to 250 microns (in Braille mode): 10 times higher than a selective polymer
    • Variable density capabilities in single pass
    • Variable levels of thickness and textures, from 20 to 70 microns


  • Golden, silver, bronze and pearl effect


    J Point Cards can produce high quality cards with golden, silver, bronze and pearl print effects (padding) which add more glamorous, shining and luxury look onto your cards. In the production process we perform digital and screen printing. It is a perfect solution for VIP cards, club cards or other type of client cards.


  • Specialty inks



    HP Indigo ElectroInk enables the quality and versatility you need to satisfy your demands with superior color capabilities and the widest color gamut in digital production. J Point Cards' HP Indigo specialty inks give you a competitive edge - ElectroInk Invisible Red, ElectroInk White, ElectroInk Fluorescent Pink, Aromatic inks, Light Cyan and Light Magenta, and more. The ElectroInk Invisible Red is developed specifically for the needs of the security sector helps you create jobs with text or barcodes that are only visible under UV light.


  • Holograms and scratch coating


    J Point Cards’ self-adhesive security hologram labels and stickers provide security, authentication and protection against counterfeit. They can be sticked on either side of the PVC card, regardless lamination, hot stamping or embossing. Also, the scratch foil that we apply on our PVC cards is thick and does not allow content underneath to be visible while users erase it with a coin, Scratch coating can be in silver or golden color. Additionally we offer data personalization that remains hidden underneath. Scratch coating is great for marketing and promo campaigns, lottary games, etc.


  • Flock effect


    The J Point Cards' special flock effect represents a printing technology by which we apply many small fiber particles (colored moss) made from fine synthetic fibers, which are lined as an additional layer over the PVC surface. We cover separate elements of the design or even the whole surface! It is like soft velvet touch, which provokes senses and adds more elegance, luxury and aesthetic finish. Thanks to a large selection of colors and shades of different fibers, the flock effect can imitate on touch powdery fluffy snow, fresh grass, luxurious velvet, fashion patterns, furry, textile and others.



  • Transparent PVC


    J Point Cards' HP Indigo Digital Press technology enables digital printing on transparent materials, hence production of transparent PVC cards with gloss (glass) or matte (frozen) effects. Additionally, we can combine matte lamination with spot varnish on top of the transparent material or make mirror images, even three-dimensional. The magnetic stripe can be elegantly concealed or “absorbed” in the design. The technology also supports digital printing of PVC cards with basic CMYK colors plus three additional spot colors - violet, orange and white for richer image. Experiment with the white color! It will make your image either thick or airy, depending on the desired effect. Share your idea, we will be pleased to realize it together.





  • 3D and volume effects


    J Point Cards can additionally improve your PVC cards with 3D and volume effects by using lenticular printing, an extra layer of embossed PVC material, or high-quality transparent resin, placed on top of the PVC material – all resulting in highly attractive and eye-catching PVC cards with flip, zoom, motion, animation and morphing effect.