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Smart PVC card for hotel with integrated RFID chip.

The smart PVC cards (access cards) are part of integrated access control systems and they usually provide identification, data storage and application processing. They also provide strong security authentication for single sign-on, acting as ID badges for large companies, public and private institutions, hospital, laboratories, universities, event centers and as key cards for hotels. At J Point Cards we usually personalize them with owner's name, photo, barcode and other variable data, which is recorded on contactless RFID chips (EM 4200, 125 KHz), embedded integrated circuits or magnetic stripes. Learn more about the magnetic stripes and contactless chips here.

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Useful information

The standard card size is 86x54 mm. Cards can be horizontal or vertical, depending on the individual project. When preparing print files, it is necessary to give 2 mm bleeds on all sides. The magnetic tape has a width of 12.7 mm and is usually placed 4 mm from the top or bottom edge of the card.

The files should be:

1) Format * EPS; * TIF; * CDR; PDF; * PS; scale 1: 1; min 300 dpi
2) All fonts should be in curves (vector)
3) All colors must be CMYK

Embossing: For embossing you need to predict that it starts 9 mm from the edge of the card. Remember that on the back of the embossed letters the plastic is deformed (debossed), so if you have an important text it will not be read clearly.