PVC cards with flock effect > PVC cards with flock effect

The flock is a colored moss made from fine synthetic fibers which are lined as an additional effect over the PVC surface. It is like soft velvet touch which provokes senses and adds more elegance, luxury and aesthetic finish. Thanks to a large selection of colors and shades for different fibers, the flock effect can imitate on touch powdery snow, grass, velvet, furry, textile and others.

At J Point Cards we can make any PVC cards truly unique with unconventional shapes and plenty of special effects. We produce cards cut into irregular shapes, cards of transparent PVC material with 7-color digital printing, printing with aromatic inks, phosphorescent inks, UV Red ink, cards with 3D effects, flock effect, digital emboss varnish, as well as golden, silver, bronze and pearl printing, hot stamping and liquid metal printing with colored foils, high-quality resin application.

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