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Liquid gold effect for amazing print application

J Point Plus presents that latest special effect for stylish and luxurious print applications - Liquid gold printing.

This technology allows application of liquid texture of metalized foils and embossed varnish onto the media (paper, cardborad) of the print product. The liquid effect is perfect for designing and producing creative and attractive print application - you can emphasize on logo, text or other in-design element of your business cards, invitations, boxes and packages, cards, catalogs, brochures, labels and other.


We offer several liquid gold foils which you can combine however you like - golden, silver, red, blue and hologram foil. Together with the embossed UV varnish you can design an eye-catching print applications. Check out our gallery!

In addition, the liquid gold technology does not use traditional delaying processes as well as production of cliches, which drastically shortens our production terms and allows us to manufacture single liquid gold copies.

With our liquid gold effect your print applications will look amazing!

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