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Liquid metal effects for sensational print applications

J Point Plus presents Liquid metal printing - ultra-fast and precise technology for digital enhancement of print applications. The resulting special effects provide a provocative visual communication and unique touch-and-feel experience.

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The Liquid metal printing technology provides flawless spot coating and stampless embossing for instantly ready-to-use prints. In addition, the press’s high resolution allows for top-quality detailing and consistent results across a wide range of media formats and thicknesses.

  • Ultra-fast and precise technology for Digital UV varnish and Liquid metal printing
  • 7 special effects for extraordinary print creations – Spot&Sense, Foil, Crystal, Metallic, Cast&Cure, Braille и Variable - find out more here!
  • Variable data capabilities
  • One-side and two-sided printing
  • For instant and flawless print solutions - no need for screen printing plates
  • No limits for minimum order quantities - possibility for production of single copies/samples
  • Compatible with offset, laminated sheets and digital print feed, the press automatically processes a wide range of paper formats and substrates




Touching the senses with print that stands out in a form never seen before in the world of printing, the press is a digital enhancement press that brings a new, high-quality look and tangible dimension to printed graphic communications. Delivering an unmatched range of enhancement, the press applies PolySENSE™ Polymer onto selected areas of the printed image, allowing for easy single or dual-sided applications. The SENSE experience is produced through the unique digital print enhancement capabilities of the Scodix Ultra Pro:

  • 99 Gloss Units (GU): The highest gloss available for printed materials
  • Polymer height of up to 250 microns (in Braille mode): 10 times higher than a selective polymer
  • Variable density capabilities in single pass
  • Variable levels of thickness and textures, from 20 to 70 microns





The technology applies digital Liquid metal effect - a combination of digital UV varnish and metallic foil. The Liquid metal effect has more embossed (liquid) structure compared to the traditional hot stamping.

  • Various colored foils for liquid metal printing – gold, silver, red, blue, hologram and other
  • Possibility for combined application of different foils in a single pass
  • The patent-pending camera system executes enhancement with pinpoint accuracy, scanning every sheet to deliver the polymer to its exact location. This registration method produces output that it is superior to any other in the industry.






The Liquid metal printing is breakthrough digital enhancement printing technology, offering an opportunity to turn ordinary applications into extraordinary creations. It expands business for PSPs with a new, premium product whose creative potential can be harnessed for a wide range of printing applications.

Find out more about all effects here!

  • Spot&Sense - application of selective embossed UV varnish with possibility for digital adjustment of density and embossing
  • Foil - application of colored foils (gold, silver, red, blue gren, hologram and other) onto the print media
  • Metallic - allows users to enhance prints with metallic coloring by simply utilizing the CMYK color process
  • Braille - designed to provide a better quality of life for blind and visually impaired people around the world
  • Variable - accentuates the impact of digital enhancement with personalized and individualized text and graphics
  • Cast&Cure - creates a high-impact 3D holographic effect, bringing a whole new dimension to the print project
  • Crystal - creates a true 3D dimensional effect by applying a multi-layer, receding pyramid-like build-up of polymer to printed projects




The Liquid metal printing is compatible with offset, laminated sheets, PVC materials and other digital print media for a wide range of paper formats and substrates (up to 500x700 mm).

  • Marketing and corporate materials: catalogs, brochures, business cards, envelopes, notebooks, folders, labels, stickers, PVC cards

  • POS materials: boxes and packages, menus, covers, wobblers, shelftalkers, CD covers

  • Occasion print applications: invitations, greeting cards, calendars, photo books and other







All commercial printing applications can take on a new appearance with the Liquid metal digital print enhancements. The Liquid metal advantages are:

  • Engages the senses
  • Makes images realistic with variable levels of thickness and texture
  • High-quality look and feel
  • Provides an experience and makes a lasting impression

Products enhanced with Liquid metal printing, such as labels and packaging, stand out from the others on the shelf, creating new avenues to market a wide range of consumer products. Its value adds:

  • True brand differentiation
  • Tangible dimension compels handling of the product
  • Customers experience and bond with products at the shelf