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Every design is unique with HP SmartStream Mosaic

Creating unique business cards, packages, labels, brochures and catalogs has never been faster and easier than with HP SmartStream Mosaic.

HP SmartStream Mosaic is a software that can automatically create hundreds, thousands, even millions of unique designs by rotation and random scaling of one or few more graphical outputs.. The possibilities for design variations are truly endless - practically every design is unique.

What are the advantages of HP SmartStream Mosaic?

- Virtually every Mosaic generated design is unique

- It facilitates designers' work

- It saves time - generating various designs takes just minutes

What are the benefits?

- Increases brand awareness

- Increases product preference

- Increases sales

At J Point Plus it is possible to generate as many designs as you want for your products - there are no limitations. We will print them and make them to an end product - you will get your finished products unique and according to your individual preferences.

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