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Event badge, cut into irregular shape, with double-sided matte lamination and perforatrion. 

Clipboards and badges are mandatory accessories for seminars, conferences, training. Clipboards are normally made from carton, which can also be cut into irregular shapes depending on the individual project and design. The papers clamping is with a standard clip placed at the top of the clipboard. Badges on the other hand can be produced with different types of paper or cardboard, laminated for greater durability, also cut into irregular shapes, with rounded corners or other special effects. At J Point Plus we can also produce PVC badges, which can be thick or transparent. We also offer additional accessories such as colored lanyards and transparent PVC pockets.

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Useful information

Before placing an order at J Point Plus, please read our technical specifications and requirements: 

+ File formats supported:

Adobe InDesign (.ind), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps), Adobe Photoshop (.tif, .eps), Corel Draw (cdr.), QuarkXPress (qxd.)

+ Bleeds: 

Leave 2-4 mm bleeds of each side of your design files

+ Printing resolution:

We print at 300dpi. All fonts should be vectors.  

+ Colors:

All printing machines use CMYK color model, so please convert RGB to CMYK before sending your files. We also print print in PANTONE® achieving up to 97% of PANTONE® color range.

+ Sending your files:

You can send us your files via email or using our contact form.